👉 Are you a researcher who needs articles published in domestic and foreign journals?

– Scientific research is one of the most critical tasks of universities, in which the core team is the lecturers and researchers.

– One of the criteria for evaluating the quality of scientific research of faculty members in particular and a University in general in the context of global integration today is the number of research papers published in reputable national and international journals.

– To prepare the articles with academic language, standard form and layout, besides the quality of the essay, the criticism in the writing process needs to be focused.

Let KHANH AN Company support you in:

– Formatting the articles following national and international standards.

– Using scientific language.

– Fixing spelling errors.

– Translation into foreign languages – Satisfying prescribed standards.

– Supporting you in editing articles with a team of professional and experienced collaborators.

– Keeping information confidential, saving time and money.

👉 Working process:

– Receiving information, consulting, and proposing solutions, etc…

– Analyzing the topics and quoting.

– Writing and editing articles, then assigning them according to schedule.

– Editing and completing.

Why should you choose us – Nguyen Khanh An Translation Visa Legal Services Company?

– Providing the consultancy for editing the articles in the fields of Economics, Biotechnology, Law, Technology, Finance, Agriculture, etc. with a professional team of Masters, Ph.D. graduates from prestigious universities in the world ….

– Choosing scientific language following international format standard, translating the works into foreign language under the prescribed standard, benefiting you as publishing your works in international journals or applying for scholarships for a higher educational level.

– Keeping personal information and essay content confidential; saving time and money, and complete on time.


🍁 Free consultancy.🍁

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