👉 Currently, when the university degree is almost universal, a master’s or doctoral degree is a plus for your job. In addition, graduation thesis is compulsory for any academic program.

In the midst of a busy life, you have to not only work at the office but also take care of your children and daily social relationships so that you will not have enough time to study and complete the thesis on schedule.

Besides, it will be harder if you encounter a fastidious instructor with many strict requirements.

In addition, an excellent graduate thesis also gives you a beautiful CV in your future job.

The most feasible solution is to find a service of proofreading and editing to make your graduation thesis perfect. NGUYEN KHANH AN CO., LTD will be the best choice with these following services:

👉 Consultancy on education:

– Editing graduate thesis, undergraduate thesis, etc…

– Writing mini-thesis in economy, culture, and society.

– Instructions to edit the internship report including researching and discussing writing a standard internship report.

The benefits obtained:

– You can spend time working and accumulating other useful social knowledge instead of writing a thesis.

– The thesis will be better because of being proofread and edited by a team of experienced lecturers in this field.

– The thesis is completed on schedule, and the report is prepared well before opposing in front of the council.

– Economic benefits: we strongly believed that instead of writing a thesis, you can spend your time working and earning at least twice the amount you pay for this service.

Is your thesis influenced or considered as law violation?

– There is much concern with this issue; however, we assure that there is NEITHER influence NOR violation.

– Proofreading and editing the thesis are the same as taking extra classes. It is not a violation as asking someone for their support and instruction. It is only considered to be violated as being copied exactly someone else’s thesis (known as plagiarism).

– In addition, it is best to find a prestigious center to make the thesis perfect.

Why should you choose us – Nguyen Khanh An Translation – Visa – Legal Service Co., Ltd?

– Having a specialized team of MD, PhD graduated from prestigious universities all over the world. Proofreading and editing thesis in various fields including Economics, Biotechnology, Law, Technology, Finance, Agriculture, etc.

– Choosing scientific language following international format standards and translating the works into foreign languages under prescribed standards, benefiting you as publishing your works in an international newspaper or applying for scholarships for a higher educational level.

– Keeping information highly confidential including customers’ personal information and thesis content, and saving time, cost, and completing on schedule.


👉 In addition, we also provide Consultancy on Overseas Study:

– Consultancy on choosing school and major appropriate to the conditions and aspirations of the student.

– Consultancy on appropriate scholarships/ financial assistance

– Guidance on admission procedures.

– Consultancy on the visa and interview procedure

– Assistance in booking air tickets and finding accommodation.

– And other services: Guidance on health examination at the request of the school, service of guiding foreign currency conversion, provision of international SIM of the host country even if the student is still in Vietnam, etc …

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